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Friday, May 29, 2009

22 Week Appointment and U/S

Today was the 22 week appointment and it was so great. We had our U/S appointment first and of course, the first thing on the tech's mind was whether or not Baby B was in fact a girl. She checked, and sure enough, there was a girly part growing nicely! So then the tech moved back to baby A to get his measurements and it seem that baby girl didn't like that so much. She wanted to be the center of attention and kept kicking her brother or punching him! It was amazing to see them flipping and moving all over while we were watching! I was a little worried that maybe the baby boy was hogging my uterus, when really it seems to be the opposite! The whole time she was moving and pushing into his little space!

I am still measuring 25 weeks, though the babies at 1 lb. each, it is definantly tighter in there! I have gained 6 pounds since the last appointment, so I think that is a total of 10 or so lbs.

We got some great pictures, and IM and I took a picture together with her hands on my tummy for the scrapbook. I can't wait to see the 3D pictures next week!!


She said...

Sounds like they're both doing great! It must be amazing to you that you're so far along, huh?