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Sunday, May 3, 2009

18 Weeks

Friday I was 18 weeks, and had an ultrasound and appointment. The ultrasound was a very thourough one where measurements and growth was tracked. T & S were allowed in during the entire time. Here are the big facts.

Baby A is measuring at 186 grams and 18 weeks, Baby B is measuring at 182 grams and 17 weeks 6 days. Felt weak movements the night before right as I was falling asleep, but for sure felt them while the U/S was going and I saw them! Baby A is measuring 18weeks, and Baby B is at 17 weeks 6 days, so they are VERY close and that is Fantastic! Baby A is very photogenic and moves a lot, Baby B chooses to hide mostly. Their heads are right next to each other, Baby B on top facing down on Baby A's face. Like they are telling secrets!

My belly and uterus is measuring at 25 weeks, and I have gained 8 lbs since last visit. My feet have been slightly swelling, as well as my hands. I haven't been craving much, well, I guess tuna sandwiches and pizza!

Hmm, I think that is all....

.... oh wait duh!

Baby A is a BOY
Baby B is a GIRL!!!!!



Kelly's Uterus said...

Congratulations! I just happened upon your blog and excited to start from the beginning.