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Saturday, May 16, 2009

20 Weeks

Whooop Whoop! We have reached the 20 week mark! Boy have things started to show.

I am almost as big as I was with my daughter at 8 months! My back is really hurting alot these days. I get stuck in certain positions, like for instance sitting on the couch, I cannot hardly get up on my own!

I feel very heavy in my lower tummy when I stand, obviously because the two babies and gravity weigh down. When I lie flat I can feel them moving around a lot, but I still cannot tell which one is doing most of the kicking!

My next U/S and DR appointment is May 29. Can't wait to see the babies then!

Poor IM has had bronchitis this whole past week and is trying to feel better. I hope she does soon. We want to get a 3D U/S and that has to be done soon since they are twins and they wll start to get cramped soon.

Keep in touch!


Shantay said...

Hey I wanted to pop in... You are ahead of me so watching your progress is almost like seeing what lies ahead for me. *smiles*

Being preggo with twins is very different. I couldn't imagine how different! I am having twin boys and am 12.5 weeks. I only know it is boys already b/c the IPs did the PGD testing.

Anywho.... I hope your back and swelling gets better.