Another Pregnancy Ticker! (Cuz I am addicted)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hormones Finally Wreaking Havoc

The shots didn't effect me too much. I took them once daily and though the bottle warned of headache and dizziness, I did not feel that. However, now that I have been taking the twice daily Estrace (estrogen), I cannot stop my tears. I cry and feel overwhelmed about everything. My poor hubsy is at odds. He tries his best to keep me calm, but really, how can you calm an irrational drama queen hyped up on estrogen?! He's a trooper though. He is going to stick by me through this all, and is really really proud that I am able to do this for someone else.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moving Forward

Well, we are moving swiftly ahead with the surrogacy. I have been taking daily Lupron shots for the past two weeks, and had an ultrasound on Tuesday to make sure the lining was measuring correctly. Then I was supposed to have blood drawn, and because my IM wasn't with me, and the Quest office refused to take payment over the phone, the blood they drew was THROWN OUT!! I mean, seriously, who throws out BLOOD!Come on! Anyway, I have to get the blood redrawn on Friday, and then have more blood and another ultrasound again on Monday!

I have been moved down to 5 units of Lupron and twice daily Estrace pills. The ultrasound on Monday will show whether my lining is thickening correctly. We are on track so far for an egg retrieval between January 7 - 11, with a fresh transfer between the 12 - and the 16. I am excited. I know my IP's are very very excited as well. Everything is going well and I am gratefull and excited to be able to do this.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Reason for Being A Surro

This is the exact reason I want to be a surrogate and am so passionate about it.

My husband and I had our daughter so easily with no problems to conceive. We tried once, and there she was. But for some it just isn't that easy, or even possible.