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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Reason for Being A Surro

This is the exact reason I want to be a surrogate and am so passionate about it.

My husband and I had our daughter so easily with no problems to conceive. We tried once, and there she was. But for some it just isn't that easy, or even possible.


Chad and Shantay said...

Amazing video. I am going to post it also. This is the first time I have found a way to express the reason WHY I want to be a surro also.

awesomebabymama said...

Hi, I'm awesomebabymama from I'm assuming you saw our blog and posted I would die for that afterwards. If I'm incorrect, forgive me. If not I would appreciate you mentioning our blog. We've worked very hard to make a great surrogacy blog and I'm vain enough to want people to know it. I think blogging about surrogacy is a great way to share the truth about it to people who don't understand. And I'm glad you also are sharing your journey.