Another Pregnancy Ticker! (Cuz I am addicted)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ultrasound Next Tuesday!

Last week when I had my second beta, I was also supposed to have my thyroid checked (I have hypothyroidism) but the clinic her in Saint Louis that is doing my monitoring fill out the blood papers incorrectly and I did not have my thyroid levels checked. This is only the like, 20th problem I have had with this clinic, so to say I was peeved is an understatement. Now, I have to go to my own doctor to get the test done, and I will do that tomorrow morning.

For now I am pleasantly waiting the ultrasound on Tuesday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2WW Is Over!!

Ok, so the last 7 days have been excruciating to say the least! I mean, seriously am I pregnant or not!?

Let's rewind a bit first, build the tension. You all know I had the transfer last Wednesday, so let's begin on Thursday. I woke up with a twingy headache, dry mouth and felt like maybe I had been hit by a small passenger car. I feel pregnant. was my first thought but sheesh, it was only one day.

Friday morning I woke up with a slightly bigger headache, a feeling of dehydration, and more like I was run over by that passenger car. I am totally pregnant. I gave into the temptation and peed on the stick. I know! As if it was going to be a BFN! I was only 2dp5dt but I couldn't help it. Of course it was BFN. As the day went on I felt fine, took a small nap, but felt great. I did experience a slight cramp here and ther which I just told myself was the twins stretching out my uterus.

Saturday morning I peed again and once again BFN. The same happened on Sunday. BFN. I ran out of tests, but stayed positive because seriously, I know it was too early. I just couldn't help it.

Monday when I woke up I felt like a MAC truck had run me over. I was achy, tired, dehydrated and didn't want to get out of bed. No test today, just naps and soup. I begged hubsy to please go get me a digital test for tomorrow morning and he did.

Tuesday morning I woke up with excitement, ran downstairs, and opened to bue box. I had never taken a digi test before so I needed to read the directions and was bouncing around trying to hold my pee like my 3 year old. Directions were straight forward and the same as any test so I peed on the stick again, and watched the hourglass. blink blink blink blink Oh come on!! Two more minutes of blinking, and the word popped on the screen. I started jumping up and down I was soo pleased.


That's all it said. That small, 8 letter word on the screen just changed my life for the next nine months, and my IP's life forever. I could hardly contain myself all day.

I took some pictures of the beautiful word, and uploaded it to my computer and called my IM. "T, are you ablt to check your email really quick, I sent you a cute picture". "Sure" she said, then there were a few minutes of silence followed by a "Gasp. . . Are you serious?!"

After that there were squeals and tears followed by a lot of giddy talk. I got my first beta yesterday and it was a BFN 75 7dp5dt!! I am so thrilled to start this journey and will be heading back in tomorrow for beta number 2!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Transfer Day, Transfer Day!!!

My transfer was this morning. We woke up and got out of the hotel by 7 am and found that there was a small blizzard happening outside. The drive to the clinic (.9 miles) was beautiful. I have never been to Chicago or seen Michigan Ave, and I will definantly be back!

As soon as we got there we were bustled into a room and I was told to get dressed into a robe. This alarmed me at first because my IP's weren't there yet, and I was NOT going to let them miss it. They arrived really soon and we ended up all sitting and laughing in my suite. It was DH, IF, IM and DD and me in this little room playing and talking and watching the city. Great! Dr. Morris came in and said we had 2 beautifully matured blast for transfer this morning, 3 more ok ones, and 4 they were watching still grow.

IM and I were ushered- and by ushered I mean I was wheeled on a bed and she followed- into the room where the transfer would take place. I went in and the doctor told me what was going to happen and he transferred the little twins in while IM and I held hands and shared a smile and some tears. It was over in two minutes. I laughed and said "Boy that was easier then the old fashion way, and way less messy!"

Then I had to sit in the room for a half hour, and rest. IP's brought DD a sweet teddy bear, and gave me a card, a sweet snowflake necklace, and a beautiful glass angel ornament. We all went to breakfast and had a great time. My IP's had to catch a train at 1 so we dropped them off at their hotel and we are now back in our room getting ready for a nap. We got in last night at 12, and finally went to bed at 2. This mornings appointment was crazy early and we need to rest, especially since I am now "carrying" twins!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leaving for Chicago

T-minus 7 hours and counting until we start the drive to Chicago. I am so freaking excited. I have never been to the city and we are staying right on the Magnificent Mile so I am sure I will see the city beautifully.

My transfer appointment is for 7:30 am tomorrow morning. I will keep my laptop with you and keep writing while we are on the trip!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Have Eggs!

ED had retrival on Friday and there were 15 eggs!! Of the 15, 14 of them were mature and IF fertilized 11 of them. This is going well.

I will arrive in Chicago on Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning at 7:30 is my transfer appointment. I am very excited, IP's are too. Super excited.

I will need to lay still for 30 minutes after the eggs are transferred, and will be taking it easy for the next couple days just to make sure everything sticks. I really feel good about it, I feel like this is destined to work and I am soo ready! I cannot wait to give IP's the family they've always wanted!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Transfer Day Announced. . .

. . . almost. The donor will be ready for retrieval by Wednesday. So we know that the transfer will be one of two days for sure! Tuesday or Wednesday for sure of next week!!

Also, I no longer have to take the big scarey injections! I will just double the Crinon gel, which I am fine with.

I do feel bad for IP's though, IM was just told today that IF needed to be in Chicago tomorrow for blood work. Um, we do not live locally. Both IP's and I live in Missouri. So now they have to travel to Chi-town tomorrow, then back on Friday for the insemination, and again next Wednesday for the transfer. It is a lot of traveling. Poor IP's, but the way we are thinking is that if this is the worst thing that happens then we are going to be just fine. Hoorah for us!!! Transfer!!