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Monday, January 5, 2009

Transfer Day Announced. . .

. . . almost. The donor will be ready for retrieval by Wednesday. So we know that the transfer will be one of two days for sure! Tuesday or Wednesday for sure of next week!!

Also, I no longer have to take the big scarey injections! I will just double the Crinon gel, which I am fine with.

I do feel bad for IP's though, IM was just told today that IF needed to be in Chicago tomorrow for blood work. Um, we do not live locally. Both IP's and I live in Missouri. So now they have to travel to Chi-town tomorrow, then back on Friday for the insemination, and again next Wednesday for the transfer. It is a lot of traveling. Poor IP's, but the way we are thinking is that if this is the worst thing that happens then we are going to be just fine. Hoorah for us!!! Transfer!!


She said...

Best of luck with everything!