Another Pregnancy Ticker! (Cuz I am addicted)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Year, Baby Transfer!!

Just talked to the clinic in Chicago today, and looks like by the time the donor and I start meds, and sync up we will be transferring about the second week of January! Finally a date to look forward to!

April is thrilled because we haven't book any wedding in September or August just by chance, and now it looks like for good reason!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forecast: Conditions Favorable

Yesterday was day seven of my cycle, and I had my saline ultrasound. Hubby kept the princess at his work while I met IM at the clinic. While waiting for the doctor we talked about our excitement for how quickly things were moving, the possiblity of a December transfer, 3D ultrasounds, and how already she isn's sleeping through the night. I was glad to have this time alone with her so we could get closer and more confortable. I want us to be as close as we can so she feels like the pregnancy is hers, as much as she can anyway. Hey, maybe we will get so close she will feel the morning sickness for me. Ha ha, a surrogate can dream can't she!?

The doctor called us in, I got under the thin paper robe, and sat there waiting for just a few seconds. Dr. A explained how we were going to fill my uterus with saline, then look around at my ovaries and then we would be done. Ok, sounds painless.

Have you ever notcied that doctors try to "cozy-up" those stirrups. As if the purple fleece socks will really make us excited to be spread eagle with out feet way up in the air. Anyway, with my feet in position I was nervous, and began to try to calm my breathing. Then I started saying my ABC's just like momma taught me. I didn't feel a THING! "Hallelujah," I exclaimed out loud in relief, as Dr A turned on the ultrasound mchine and there was my uterus, tiny as can be. It's amazing how the last time I saw that image, the black mass was so big that it didn't even fit on the screen!

After assessing that my uterus was in perfect condition, "Favorable for implantation" were his words, we moved on to look at my right ovary. "Looks like you won't be running out of eggs any time soon," Dr A said, "just in case you were wondering." Funnily enough, I had been, and was thrilled to here I had plenty.

Within minutes we were finished, had 5 pictures printed out, and I was getting dressed again from the waist down. IM and I hurried out in the rain, exchanged excited chatter, and were back in our cars and on the way to work. The whole thing took less than an hour, we should have results in about 3 days, and then on to injections!! I am so excited, it looks like we may be able to transfer before Christmas! What a great holiday adventure!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip to Chicago!

So Hubby and I just got back from our trip for health screening, and I must say, I was worried for nothing.

I had myself all worked up thinking there would be DNA tests, and blood tests, a few catscans at the least, all to make sure tha my body was capable to carry T & S's baby. I was freaked on the notion that any needle bigger than the regular sized one that takes my blood 3 times a year was going to be sucking out fluids of various colors to test in abnormal ways, petrified that maybe a hunk of my skin would be cut away to run for genetic diseases or history thereof. But no, I am happy to say that my visit went nothing like that out of a psycho movie.

We stayed over last night, in the town where the clinic was, had a great steak dinner and saw Saw V as a date night since princess was at grammies house. We even hung out with T & S after in their room and exchanged family photos from Halloween. (They are more like friends to us now, not just IP's) This morning, after fasting for over 12 hours I reluctantly walked through the doors of the IVF1 clinic, clutching hubby's hand for reassurace. With an accidental patronizing voice he assure me that "Everything will be fine"

He was right. We met with the doctor and he simply explained EXACTLY how the process would work, that once they have found that there are no diseases or uterus problems I would begin injections to prepare my womb for transfer of the fertilized eggs. Sounds simple, thought the shots I am sure will be slightly unpleasant. Then he showed me into a room where a nice little nurse took two viles of blood and I was on my way out!

We had lunch with T & S, as well as our liasons with the agency, and we were home by 9 pm tonight (gotta love daylight savings)

I am thrilled to be moving on to the medication stage and now am just waiting for my period so I can have my sonogram!! Bring on the blood. (ha ha ha)