Another Pregnancy Ticker! (Cuz I am addicted)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What am I now, 25 weeks?

I seem to be much further than that! At least in size and discomfort!!

My belly feels like it is being over stretched every day, though it is not too bad. I just rub it a little and it goes away. My back however, is a TOTALLY different story. The right side of my back almost constantly burns in pain. If I lay down on the couch the pain isn't so bad, but like last night, I couldn't even get any relief in bed to fall asleep. NOT FUN.

I thought about not posting this because I know T reads it and I really don't want her worrying about me. As long as the babies are happy, healthy, and growing just fine, I can stick it out. That is all that matters to me, is giving T&S their beautiful family. Sometimes I just wish the pain wasn't so rough :)

Anyhoo things otherwise are great. I feel babies moving all the time, so I know they are doing well. We will see them again on June 29, and then every two weeks. I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday, long day there. But tomorrow I am taking Lorelei to the pool with April and her children so I hope it will help my back!