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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Twins Update

So. . . I am in the hospital. Got here about 8:45 last night with irregular cramping and contractions. The doc on call checked me and I was 1 cm dilated and 20% effaced (meaning my cervix had thinned 20%) I was also very high. They gave me two different drugs to stop the contractions and kept me overnight. Then this morning after I continued having contractions I went potty and passed what may had been my mucus plug. The doc came in and started out telling me how things looked great and I was going to go home. BUT I told him about the mucus and he immediately checked me again. I had progressed to 60% effaced, and 2 cm dilated and I had dropped really low. He changed the plan and I am getting shots to mature the lungs, IV of magnesia to stop the contractions (which btw are still coming slowly) staying here another 24 hours and if the contractions are still not stopping I will be airlifted or taken by ambulance to another hospital with a better nicu. Phew, that is what is happening with me. I will try to stay online to keep me busy! Hope you are having a great weekend.