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Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Update

My appointment was yesterday and no change in cervix or position so looks like the procardia and bedrest is working. Um. . . Yea?

I am now +30 or so pregnancy weight.
Babies heart tones were both in the 120's
Blood pressure was just slightly high, but to be expected since I was up and about.

Doctor says at 36 weeks we will stop meds and bedrest. Hurry Up September!

It is fun to watch my belly move and jump and do the alien thing, though when baby boy moves I swear he is redecorating the "furniture" in there. And by that I mean it is quite painful because he is touching all sorts of nerves and organs, but it is still nice to know he's moving around.

I cannot get much sleep anymore, my bones go numb on both sides of my hips. Actually for the past two mornings I have woken up on my back and sleeping the best. WEIRD.

Stopped my Walmart on the way home from the doctor (hey, I was already out) and it was the most miserable 20 minutes. Not contractionwise, though I did have a few, but in the "holy-crap-my-tummy-is-too-big-for-my-body-therefore-I-can't-hold-it-up-much-longer" way. When I got home I couldn't hardly move and was on the couch for the remainder of the night. Maybe there really is something to this "bedrest" notion. :) I did get a Nintendo DSi though (family shared) to keep me busy as I have at least two more weeks of homeboundness. Yippee.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found your blog over on Rav and wanted to say that I think you must be a fantastically generous and caring person to be a surrogate! And with twins, no less! Wishing you the best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy and of course, a safe and healthy labor.
Ana (stickpixie)