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Monday, March 2, 2009

Threatened AB!?

So I had some bleeding two weekends ago that really scared me. It happened again after a 4 hour shift on my feet at VS. So I called Dr. M and he said not to worry that it is normal, but to call my OB and try to see her sooner than I had planned! So I call my OB's office and get the doctor on call. He says taht most likely I am miscarrying! And that it is just a wait and see thing. Rhat!! Wait and see, come on just show me the babies and make sure they are ok. So I scheduled an appointment to the OB for two day aways and the spotting stopped within a few hours of me calling.

The morning of the appointment I was on target for the hour drive. I got DD and I out of the shower with half an hour to dry my hair and get dressed. I googlemapped the directions after I plugged in the curling iron, and to my dismay googlemaps said it woudl take me an hour and a half! Which means I would have to leave 5 minutes before I got out of the shower! I frantically dress DD and myself, and we left the hous with wet heads and no makeup!

I sped the whole way there, got lost in the freaking parking lot(!) and arrived at 1:17. The girl at the front desk said that I had until 1:15, and unfortunately I was two minutes too late. I broke down in tears, but they didn't even care that I had driven an hour and a half. They told me I could have an ultrasound order to check o the babies, but that I would have to come another day for my appointment.

I was so frustrated, and couldn't stop shaking and crying. IM assured me that it was fine and we decided to go to the adjacen hospital and see if they could work me in so our drive wasn't for nothing. Fortunately we were able to get in to see the ultrasound tech.

I was called into to the room and no one else was allowed in. I tried to look at the tv and see the heartbeats and I was able to see Baby A's heartbeat right away, and felt great. The tech said she couldn't tell me anything, that the doctor was going to have to tell me. I struggled to see Baby B, let alone see his heartbeat. Then we switched to internal ultrasound, and the tech turned the whole screen away from me. We were talking and I jept saying, can't you just tell me yes or no that they are both alive. . . she took a deep breath and clicked on something, then said "Ok, yes, I just found Baby B's heartbeat, they are both alive" and she said we could bring in IM and DD. She apologized for the way she had to be quiet, but the order said threatened abortion (or miscarry) and she couldn't allow people in the room in case of babies without hearbeats. We were so understanding and just happy to see both babies alive and well.

Both IM and I are a bit nervous about my appointment tomorrow. We just worry that the doctor may not be as nice as we hope based on the fact of not allowing me after the two minutes. If we do not mesh well with her or like her, we may look at finding omeone else. Hopefully though, she is great and we will love her!


Shantay said...

Hey. I am glad the u/s techie finally told you they were both ok. I hope you doctor's appointment went well... I am still in shock that they wouldn't see you with you being 2 min. late. I can't wait to hear more about this journey... My official journey will start on the 13th with the transfer! *smiles*