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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week 14 and we have PROFILES!!

Today I had another appointment and ultrasound with my doctor. Here's a recount of the day.

As most of you know, last week I peed my pants and was really nervous about the appointment today because of the mandated "40 ounces" of liquid that I needed to have in my bladder. I drank over 23 ounces of water overnight. (That it a usual occurance now because if I don't, I wake up feeling absolutely hungover) Then this morning I filled my 23 ounce bottle with water and headed to take DD to my sisters. On the way there I drank about 3/4 bottle of the water and really really needed to go to the bathroom, but of course, I couldn't. Then I stopped and bought a 12 ounce coffee and drank about half of that.

The doc's office is about an hour and 20 minutes away so I again, refilled my 23 ounce of water and continued to drink on the whole way there, fighting the urge to pull over on the side of the highway and go.

I got to the doctors office 20 minutes early, took a seat, tightly crossed my legs, and started reading a mag waiting for IM. When IM got there she brought IF, and IGM (Intended Grandma!!) and we were called back to the U/S room. Well, by this point, I had to go sooo bad that it too every ounce of concentration to hold it. I couldn't even talk!

15 minutes after my appointment was scheduled, they calld me into the room. I told the tech that I had weak bladder control, explained what happened last week and she said "Let me see if you are over full". Within seconds of looking at my tummy with the u/s tool, she said "Oh yes, you're over full, you can go to the bathroom" Whew!

Then she took all her measurements and we talked about what kind of surrogate I am, that they are not at all my eggs and I am just the womb. She then told me that she has had surrogacies turn bad, and adoptions go wrong and almost been called into court by families so she wanted more history before allowing IM in the room every time. Understandable.

IM came in with IF and we watched baby A kick the poo out of my stomach (of course I felt nothing) and baby B just chill and relax. Then IGM came in and watched too. What a great day.


Weight is the same- still no gain or loss.
Baby A's heartbeat was 147
Baby B's heartbeat was 150

No cravings, in fact right now I kind of hate food.
Water drinking- over 64 ounces a day and counting!


She said...

That "gotta pee" feeling is the worst. Hopefully that will be the last time. (As I remember, for the later ultrasounds you don't have to have a full bladder, right?)

Those pictures are great, and it sounds like the littles are doing great too!