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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Contracts & Questions

We got the contract yesterday.

All 34 pages of it.


I started skimming it right away, eager to sign it and get this party started. My breath caught when I got to a part where it said "all parties agree that if GS is incapacitated, life support will be used to sustain the child until it is viable to live outside the womb".


I mean, yes that makes sense, and yes, it could happen with all pregnancies, even with my own DD. The difference is, I didn't have to read it, didn't have to think about it, and didn't have to imagine it. So I reread it quickly to make sure I agreed, and moved on.

The rest of the contract seems pretty normal. Anxiousness is growing inside of me now, excitement, and a little bit of nerves. We will talk with our lawyer, and finalize the signatures this week. Moving on quickly, one more checkmark on our journey to giving someone a family!!


Sharon said...

Hey there! I have been a surrogate 2x and ran my own agency and so I know how overwhelming these contracts can be! Usually the clause you mention has a time frame in there regarding how long you would be on life support because #1 a fetus can't be developing normally in a body living on an IV which brings us to #2 the contract should state that the attending Dr. agrees that within the time frame of viability and only during that time frame will you be put on life support...say not before 27 weeks and not for longer then 6 weeks or something to that effect because of #3 YOUR family has no closure. Mom or wife or daughter is essentially "dead" and yet is acting as a human incubator so there is no funeral, no memorial service and no wake. (etc)

I know these things are hard to think about however now is the time to consider all the angles! Congrats on getting to the contract stage!

All my best!

Sharon LaMothe
Infertility Answers, Inc.